June 2014 – New Selections

june 2014 new music selection by odd pelican
Odd Pelican’s 1st new music monthly – enjoy!

Odd Pelican has begun curating monthly playlists, and here's the very first! The Odd Pelican June 2014 New Music Selection takes you off the trodden path for a look at great numbers from artists we've found active on Soundcloud throughout the month. A mix of indie dance-rock, electronic shoegaze, synth-pop, DIY-electronica and indie electro-pop, this month's New Music Selection is one hearty dollop of moody grooves!

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  • Olympic Ayres – Control
  • Seabright – Chill And Shiver
  • Superhumanoids – Hey Big Bang
  • The Skygreen Leopards – My Friends
  • Pawws – Give You Love
  • Tusks – Ink
  • CatCat – Kisses (feat. Mary H) Synapson Remix
  • Laura Welsh – Break The Fall
  • Tulpa – Tired Of A Town (feat. Echo)
  • EXGF – Idle Hands
  • Zimmer – Sensify Me (feat. KLP)
  • Lucianblomkamp – Help Me Out