November 2014 · New Music Roundup

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Cool breeze of seasonal, dark lo-fi rock – November 2014 New Music playlist via

This month's playlist round-up is a cool breeze of seasonal, dark lo-fi rock and an assortment of other indie pop, acoustic and otherwise experimental jams.

In addition to many other favorites we found exceedingly noteworthy along the way, of the different November 2014 new music announcements and reviews we've done this month, several we've chosen to include on this month's New Music Round-up! Check it out!

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  • Gunns Music – Give Me Sunshine

  • Day Wave – Nothing At All

  • The Dodos – Competition

  • Agent Side Grinder – Beloved Fool ft. Kite

  • Sister Says – Heart Placement

  • Swim Team – Clairvoyant

  • Axel Weiss – Peace, Dignity, Justice & Freedom ft. Cheryl Pyle

  • Red Eyes & Tears – Nothing Special

  • Christa Wells – Home

  • A Rainmaker – Opening (I walk To You)

  • Rebecca Pidgeon – Perfect Stranger

  • Father John Misty – Borded In The USA

  • Cull – Nasty Drought

  • Pine – Hands

  • Bleachers – Roller Coaster