October 2014 – New Selections

odd pelican october 2014 new music playlsit
October 2014 new music playlist from Odd Pelican

Odd's latest New Music Selection this month is great springboard of electronic material to toss at all that moodiness – really get your neighbors thinking to join the party! Greetings from a rainy Portland, Oregon USA, where Halloween is just a day away, and where Odd Pelican has so been enjoying this playlist of new, original music on Soundcloud throughout October!

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  • Stars – No One Is Lost
  • Digitalism – Second Chance
  • BEAR//FACE – Molt (ft. Mothica)
  • WOMAN – Psychedelic Lover
  • CYMBALS – Talk To Me
  • Grappy Ranks – Spread My Wings
  • Tobtok – Savanna (ft. River)
  • Adventure Club – Fade (ft. Zak Waters)
  • Boral Kibil – Anka Funk (rough)
  • POOLCLVB – Here You're Mine (ft. Erin Marshall)
  • Karl Kling – I Will Wait
  • BRYNJOLFUR – The Save