Genders · Get Lost

Get Lost LP by Genders PDX

Several songs from EPs put out by Genders since 2012, were re-recorded and given a little room to breath here on the groups’ first full-length record, Get Lost. Similar to other bands from Portland, Oregon such as Grandparents, Genders is playfully unabashed, though at times also sounding much like groups from the east coast such as Little Big League. To whatever degree the album was written collaboratively, the groups’ performance of the material is marvelously unified. Leave it to the next generation of rock musicians to typify such radicalized social topics as mascots, to bludgeon the whim of their own over-radicalized social complexes or lack thereof. Bands with names one might insist on the lack of a preceding ‘The,’ function well together, are often composed of highly motivated, keen individuals. Swill on Get Lost, loose your cherub this swathing pastoral froth.

Artist details: Genders PDX

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