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Ghost Wave Ages LP

Ghost Wave is a wall of sound. The Ages LP is an expression of the rise to and traversal of ideological plateaus, insofar as modern rock goes the mile. It’s the latest by Ghost Wave, a mix of cross-generational musical influences riding high that raises a flag for indie rock, all fecund and unabashed. While the vocal style is apt for comparison, that it carries through the record such original songwriting and unrelenting enthusiasm is most noteworthy.

Surely the greats of Southern Rock gleaned some from the same rock epochs Ghost Wave lists as those of their major influences like the British Invasion. How in Ghost Wave the rhythm section plays, the complimentary guitar styles and the group’s mold overall, resembles that from Athens, Georgia’s own jamming rock ensemble, Widespread Panic. Ages, the band’s debut LP, moves past the edge of territory described only lossely in their previous recordings. Immerse yourself with kiwi-rock, here’s an album to revisit.

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