Caged Animals · In The Land Of Giants

Caged Animals In The Land Of Giants

As the cross-fading sound of a pixelated whirlwind goes below the very start of In The Land Of Giants, the new album from this Brooklyn-based group named Caged Animals, so begins an expression of a search for meaning in life eluded by omni-present static and immutable white noise. All wrapped in a tizzy and thirsting for the next great saxophone solo on an indie-pop music track again this summer, blogosphere take note of this!


Perhaps by name you wouldn’t suspect, though if ever an act from Brooklyn held your hand and make you feel like a kid again! A group to discuss their own lives, of struggling with artistic expression and claustrophobia openly is such a wonderful new brand of swagger. It’s pleasing to have songs trapped inside your head that you know, in the back of your mind, were belabored to such perfection, yet crafted so light heartedly.

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