Jaymes Young · Dark Star


Here’s one to add to the Billboard’s Top 40 shades of gray! A robust showcase of his vocal mastery, Jaymes Young’s new album Dark Star is, among other things, to do with rebounding from intensive relationships. It boasts on many occasions a chilling attitude and demonstrates deep sensitivities and a literate understanding of and familiarity with popular music genres and melodic conventions. Alone, the first five songs on this album are an incredible accomplishment. The pace of the album mellows to a downtempo self-reflective chill in Fragments. Cover songs on the album, including “What Is Love” and “As Long As You Love Me,” are worthy performances – worth a peek. The album is available to download in its entirely, for the time being, at Jaymes’ Soundcloud. Glimpse the album here via Soundcloud and check out more in the artists’ details

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