Year One by Darkswoon

2015 ep year one by darkswoon pdx

2015 ep year one by darkswoon pdx

Year One – Portland, Oregon based music group Darkswoon‘s debut EP – was recorded beginning in November 2014 and completed earlier this year, and includes six previously composed, though entirely re-recorded original songs. The group’s experimental and performative approach to crafting wholly representative takes of their live-electronic material throughout Year One, in contrast to prior existing demo-quality renditions of the material, is a screaming success. Jana Cushman and Christian Terrett (Darkswoon), together with John Mowatt at Underground Audio, have fully realized the group’s material in this record, highlighting its fleshy undercurrents, brooding poetic and nostalgic grace.

Year One presents one such lyrical experience of awakening, a robust rhythmic and melodic musical flight, and is an intimate introduction to a band whose freshman, EP debut speaks of the horizon as if through a densely shrouded wood.

Artist details: Darkswoon

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