Ghetto Inferno · Drowsy

Ghetto Inferno Drowsy LP

While the eighties might object to this one for wearing its stripes, here we have Ghetto Inferno lighting it up, nonetheless. Not long after the first drop to Bandcamp, “My Ideal Mixtape” — a soaringly eclectic musical lobotomy — the latest to be found fills ye Jello molds with only the strangest melange, the seven-track album, Drowsy. How there’s little to be known about the Ghetto Inferno, and how the project leaves much to the imagination is unique and fun, like the track names.

Were you looking for a that ultra catchy electro-infectious drab, hoping to be saved an overly enthusiastic crowd, or whatever the case may be, Drowsy gets it right. Catch this guap of rank bars on the free D/L, and make sure not to miss @ghettoinferno on Twitter. These are the types of personas there’s a need for more of. Until next time, feeding on so-called underground pastiche.

Artist details: Ghetto Inferno

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