Psychomagic LP Debut

Psychomagic LP Debut

One for the meta-disoriented, brash, wistful — Psychomagic‘s debut self-titled LP is, like a portrait of the lover as a young freak, serendipitously bucolic. Harp on wanderlust a while, enjoy this timeless album. It sings the mode of your tirelessly broken heart and is fun. Does the music not just bring out the poetry of it all? The inexpensive squire guitar sound showcased most especially in Heartbroken Teenage Zombie Killer, the likes and sequestration of all these itty bitty details to describe collectivizing madness, case in point.

Not to mention the very first song, how fun and quirky are those lyrics, quintessential zombie-killer malady and all? “Baby, why did you go? You left me, all alone. Now I’m crying in my bed, while I’m trying to fight off them dead. I’m a Heartbroken Teenage Zombie Killer. Lately, I’ve been so low I’ve given up all hope. Now, I’m sighing in my heart as the undying tries to tear me apart. I’m a Heartbroken Teenage Zombie Killer.” Other songs, ride the cusp of comical ingenuity (word play, +ie: Bottom Of The Sea) less. At times briskly sombre, Psychomagic gets deep. Emerging their own flavor of the dance-worthy number late in the game, never a bad time to cross check meters of the grotesquely cliché. Thusly, are you resilient to and/or do you have a capacity for this Psychomagic?

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