Goldn Retriever · The Dawn Within

Goldn Retriever – The Dawn Within

On an EP out by Goldn Retriever, each of the four original cuts on The Dawn Within a thrilling combination of Synthpop, French Touch and Chillwave. The two remixed versions of the first track I Feel Great Now, also included, exhibit the work in various states of the genres, how the Pyramid edit illuminates an eery chillwave flux for example. Venerability again proven here, previously in the producer’s work on the Kitsune Maison EP So Far Gone, by Crayon & Pyramid, one of the label’s more celebrated records of the year. The music effects a quality grip, timeless without being lost in pedantic trance. The lyrics dynamic flirtatious affectations, such as those in Glitter, including the sublime “when you move, there’s something about you, when you don’t, there’s something about you too.” Procure yon Goldn Retriever! Featuring additional vocals by Lola Bastard, mastered by Richard Leigh Grice, written, produced and mixed by Goldn Retriever, the group’s debut E.P. released on October 7th. Your ears as much agog for more Goldn spat?

Artist details: Goldn Retriever

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