Julia Losfelt · Quiet Storm EP


Upon a closer look at the cover art of the Quiet Storm EP by Julia Losfelt, a discerning eye will recognize subtle discrepancies. Julia, from Paris and a co-founder of Moose Records, has pronounced Quiet Storm a semblance of the totality that her musical pursuits and life’s feelings have progressed in the year since her last album. The EP makes a nimble statement with its diversification of the otherwise obscure, sedimentary and rotund flourishes of lesser elegantly vociferated bastions of personal states of mind and interpersonal feelings. What she’s established and found the place to further corroborate – remixes astride with producers Bear//Face, Stwo and Dream Koala – through her music Mme. Losfelt, less than to breathe new life into the sort of down-tempo wave arrondissement she has sought a more clear examination of the vacuous and infinitesimal gravities at play in music this type of genre. Thanks to Julia for this and her integral efforts at Moose Records

Artist details: Julia Losfelt

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