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An authoritative source of alternative hip hop from the Bay Area, Restiform Bodies spoke up earlier this week releasing a remix compilation of TV Loves You Back, the group’s 2008 Anticon debut. A showcase of inventive choice acts like Genghis Tron clearly states how dynamic Restiform Bodies’ take is in their approach to songcraft. Differentially interesting versions of any of the original LP’s 10 numbers — check out the 13th track for Broken Spindle‘s edit of Panic Shopper — show how vibrantly Restiform’s lyricism achieves it’s inception across a multi-disciplinary spectrum of musical voice, tone and genre. The touch-and-go mimicry and apt spuriousness, found throughout the record, is most captivating earlier on. The entirety is a study, a cross-referential map of sharp embellishments and subtle, quaint details. Wherein its repetition, you’ve got a while for and various experiences of, Restiform’s codified comments on societal and psychological obtuseness that shines one to the dome.

Also featuring remixes made thanks to Tobacco, Odd Nosdam, Lazer Sword, Wallpaper., Mochipet, Alias, Anon Day — and others.

Artist details: Restiform Bodies

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