Wet NYC · Wet EP

Wet NYC Wet EP

Wet of NYC just rounded out a nice set of tracks they began posting to Soundcloud last month, recently adding the song You’re The Best and releasing their debut four song self-titled EP, via Bandcamp. To follow are a short string of performances about the city, beginning tonight, that should attest to how Wet is in deep with this well engineered, elegant and vibrant selection of tunes. In You’re The Best, Wet puts a spin on the style of vocal harmonization Kanye West popularized, here that faintly reminds of Laurie Anderson, mixing up their own appropriation of the sound. While this unique shade of electro pop is hemmed at the edges with a dream-like tempestuousnesses, Wet elicits a translucence all their own and keeps on the indie patterned dance worthy cloth. In their debut, the trio demonstrates the ability to establish consistency, creating something living and complete that’s pleasingly simple. The clarity is remarkable also, how well defined the lyrics are and the subtle instrumental play throughout. Listed below, visit their website www.kanyewet.biz today!

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