Kyson · The Water’s Way


This sonically intriguing album, a creation bemused with self-reflection and filled with inspirational rhythms, The Water’s Way LP is the record debut from the recording artist Kyson released today via Friends of Friends. Made by the electronic musician Jian Kellet Liew, the album is described as a companion to his life’s atmosphere throughout “the long and harsh European winter,” an impression of a seasonal climate much a part of many folks’ lives.

While the manner of his softened vocal style draws together an onslaught of ready comparison, a closer look at the lyric content of the work reveals authentic originality, a native voice reflecting remembrance with questions of time and place. As in Shadows Cross, two lines found thusly: “Shadows will go back against the wall, time will fade away if were not careful.” Throughout, shy is vociferously amplified, begetting a powder keg of illusively melancholy apparitions. Where dislocated meta-narratives abound in down-tempo styles, elocutionary Kyson, to punk on stylistic mimicry, brings the lids to flip. In this LP, The Water’s Way, craftsmanship attested by broad reaches and multifarious depth.

Artist details: Kyson

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